99.97 % uptime guaranteed

Our SLAs are included to all subscriptions.

What are SLAs? Is this common?

SLAs are Service Level Agreements or Service Guarantees. In general, these guarantees are offered by services presenting a monthly cost of several thousand euros. But, in light of our excellent track record in terms of uptime since 2007, we decided to innovate and open them to all, regardless of the subscription level.
In order to evaluate the quality of our commitment, we suggest you inquire about the SLAs offered by Google, Microsoft or Salesforce. You’ll probably be very surprised by the obvious weakness of their commitment!

Our promise

Our platform is available for you to work 24/24, 7/7, 365 days a year. To reach this commitment we’ve set up a series of means: a fully redundant infrastructure, staff availability in case of trouble, and fast procedures for the reactivation of operations. Our commitment is to offer the subscription month for free if our service was unavailable beyond a defined threshold. And this, from the very first level of subscription!

Who does this apply to?

This is a monthly availability commitment we make , which applies to all subscriptions to our virtual desktop management application and management of sites: subscriptions, Basic Subscription, Plus & Unlimited, active during the stated month.

What are the terms?

We guarantee a 99.97% monthly availability rate. If during the month, our monthly availability falls below this limit, we offer you a month of free services.

What’s a downtime?

A downtime is defined as the inability for 100% of our customers to connect and work on our platform. Are not considered as downtime:

  • Downtime related to scheduled maintenance is announced at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Downtime due to factors beyond our reasonable control (natural disasters, acts of war or terrorism, coordinated and massive acts of sabotage on our servers, government action)

How is the availability rate calculated?

The rate is calculated at the end of the month as follows: total downtime of the month/total duration of the month.

How to enable penalties

If you have experienced an outage that is part of the SLA, at the end of the month and until the 3rd of the month at midnight, complete the following form. SLA claim request.