Security and confidentiality

Guaranteed by our private infrastructure, flawless since 2007.

Our uptime is greater than 99.9998%

That’s excellent, and it’s the uptime seen during the last 14 years.

Your exchanges are encrypted.

All exchanges with our servers are TLS 256-bit encrypted, a state-of-the-art technology in terms of privacy. Our servers are hosted in France at Equinixand Telehouse. To enter, one must show their credentials.

Our servers are redundant.

Our server infrastructure offers high uptime. Everything is redundant: the application front-end, and databases. One element breaks down? It’s automatically ejected from the pool and the service continues. If we sleep well, you sleep well.

Your data is confidential and hosted in France.

Your personal data or email are never shared with third parties nor sold. Your personal data are used exclusively to offer you better service or functionalities that meet your needs, or to perform customer support.

Your data is backed up.

Your data is backed up every night on a tape and physically moved. A rotation is done to keep the history:
- Daily data from D to D - 15
- Data from the first day of the month (M)
- Data from the first day of the M-1month
- Data from the first day of the M-2

Meets the Directorate General of Taxes’ directives.

In compliance with the Directorate General of Taxes’ directive, your data is safely stored, directly from your software. Once created, your documents are saved in electronic format and are available at any time, regardless of your management software.

Try it, you’ll be convinced by the power of INCWO