incwo scripting language

Increased versatility for your ERP

For real, you can really ditch Excel now

You need to introduce your own complex formula in your ERP ? Your prices or costs are calculated on multiple criteria such as client, quantities, other products, your stocks or even parameter found on online services ? incwo scripting language is what you need

A complete language

Based on the ruby language, this scripting capacity allow for any kind of operation : accessing your data, computing new data, writing data, getting external information, etc. No limit !

Simple and powerful integration

Add scripts to your proposals, invoices, products, lines of documents, and decide what triggers them : creation or edition on the GUI, or at any modification of the objects.

A deployment method

With a staging and production environment, the changes in the scripts can be validated before being pushed to production. Executions are logged and you're notified of runtime errors

A secure process

To secure your data, all your scripts are written or validated by our teams before being run on the environment. Contact our team to present your needs and your formulas, we'll be happy to script them!


Contact us, you’ll be convinced by the power of INCWO