Control access

Assign specific access rights to each account.

Choose the accessible features

For each account, indicate which feature or app is available. That way, you model the application as wanted. When a feature is not accessible, it disappears from the interface.

Select the scope of data

For each account and each type of data, indicate the accessible perimeter: All the information? Group information? All except those of a group? Only the account information? Modification prohibited mode? Deletion prohibited mode?

Go even further with the Authorization Store.

Visit the Authorizations Store and install the apps for the actions you want to authorize or prohibit.

Each action can be activated or deactivated for every colleague.

Open limited access to your information system.

Is your stock managed by a subcontractor? Give the subcontractor access to stock management only in a specific warehouse. Is your sale staff outsourced? Give them access only to their customer base.

Try it, you’ll be convinced by the power of INCWO