Organize your bookings and appointments

Reduce admin with online appointments scheduling

Share your calendar and your appointments get organized automatically!

Open 24/24 on the web and on mobile devices

The customers make their appointments directly on your shared calendar. The appointment is confirmed by email and the customer receives the details: address, maps, and contact information. All this 24/24, on the web and on mobile devices.

Adapts to your business.

The calendar is fully customizable: start and end dates, lunch breaks, intervals between appointments, etc. Indicate several types of appointments with a different duration and rate. Perfect for independent professionals, businesses, online courses, and even B2B environments.

Your calendar is optimized.

Appointments are taken as soon as possible, your calendar is optimized. On the virtual desktop, all your time and profitability analysis tools allow you to optimize the control of your activity.

Customise your software

Below, you’ll find a selection of apps from the store to tailor the software to your own business.

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Reservations and scheduling appointments Reservations and scheduling appointments

Publish an agenda for your reservations and taking of reservations

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