Marketing automation

Collect new leads using email scenarios

Increase your revenues with email scenarios

Automation helps you to manage volume and identify leads ready to buy

Write your email scenarios

Redact the emails to send every day, and for each email, decide what should happen on open and click : notification, addition of party in a campaign, increase of his scoring, etc

Attach scenarios to campaigns, document such as proposals, or even contacts

Activate your scenarios, and then all is automated

Once a scenario is automated, emails are automatically sent by the platform, and every new eligible lead gets a new scenario running

The scenario can stop if the party changes states, or if a selected email is opened or clicked

Collect the results, and start selling !

The scenarios produce two results : prospect scoring, and building of hot prospects lists

In both cases, what you get at the end is a list of hot prospects, that you should contact in priority to close the sale !

Customise your software

Below, you’ll find a selection of apps from the store to tailor the software to your own business.

5 apps on this topic > jobs > auths

List of contacts List of contacts

Organize your contacts into lists

Management of campaigns Management of campaigns

Follow the efficiency of your marketing campaigns

Email scenarios Email scenarios

Automate your marketing emails

Analysis of campaigns by cohort Analysis of campaigns by cohort

Analyze the progress of your campaign by cohort

Analysis of business margins Analysis of business margins

Analyze your margin on each campaign

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