The complete management of your team

We help you organize your HR activities.

Recruitment, payroll, salaries and vacations, everything is there to help you save time.

Payroll and salaries

Centralize your information in the payroll: attach signed employment contracts, scanned personal documents, etc. Validate vacation requests, prepare monthly salaries with corresponding amounts, bonuses and health insurance information.

Simplify vacation management

Your employees deposit their vacation, absence or sickness day requests on their personal space. You are then notified by email and you can approve. Vacation days are calculated automatically while taking into account public holidays. Overall requests are kept up-to-date.

Get an Employee Portal

Your employees have an online portal where you can very easily deposit work contracts, salaries, training certifications and any other pertinent document

Accelerate your recruitment

Write the job descriptions, collect the applications and CV, interview and compare several candidates. Have you ever received and sorted 400 CV by email? Indeed, it was complicated. Now they directly go to your management system.

Customise your software

Below, you’ll find a selection of apps from the store to tailor the software to your own business.

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Vacation duration Vacation duration

Automatically calculate the length of vacations!

Vacations on Google Calendar Vacations on Google Calendar

Post vacations on your Google agenda

Freelancers Freelancers

Manage your freelancers in the personnel registry

Days not worked Days not worked

Easily manage your non-workdays

Recruiting on the web Recruiting on the web

Integrate your recruitments on your site

Organization of discussions Organization of discussions

Organize the hiring interviews

Recruitment Recruitment

Simplify your recruitment by managing offers, candidates, interviews

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