Business intelligence

Connect incwo and Microsoft PowerBI

Improve your decision process thanks to data

Create beautiful interactive dashboards and take the best decisions

Activate the connexion between incwo and Microsoft PowerBI

Login to Microsoft PowerBI and add incwo as a datasource : every API data is available to be selected. Data is retrieved automatically, and once it's setup, you have nothing more to do.

Explore your data

Vizualize your data in any interactive format : bars, gauges, thematic maps, datapoints, segments, cascads, or use natural language requests. Click to sort, change scale, vizualisation type, or jump to other data.

Combine multiple data-sources

Clean your data, enrich it, and combine it with other data : text files, Excel, online database, online web applications, etc. Create scripts to automate some data processing.


Try it, you’ll be convinced by the power of INCWO