Your Mail Assistant

Send it emails, it obeys you.

Increase your productivity with an automated assistant.

You can now work very easily while connected with a simple email address.

Your Mail Assistant reads the email and acts accordingly.

Your assistant has a name and an email address. You can write to it or simply cc it on your messages. According to the instructions given in your message, the assistant performs actions.

How do you address your assistant ?

Your assistant searches for instructions in the title and in the body of the email, in the following format: @assistant [INSTRUCTION: SETTINGS]
- Only one instruction will be read per line
- The spaces before and after INSTRUCTION and PARAMETERS are deleted
- Parameters are a list of items separated by commas, “,”

Instructions recognized by the assistant

SAVE FILES TO : OBJECT Attache les pièces-jointes du mail à l'objet désigné
Example: @assistant [ SAVE FILES TO : Facture(F-20140101-300), shared = true|false, category = name ]
@assistant [ SAVE FILES TO : Facture(new) ]
@assistant [ SAVE FILES TO : custom_labels(LaCatégorie) ]
SAVE TEXT TO : OBJECT Attache le text du mail en commentaire à l'objet désigné
Example: @assistant [ SAVE TEXT TO : Bon d'intervention(BI-20141012-004) ]
CREATE TASK FOR : MEMBER Crée une tâche avec titre, contenu et fichiers joints du mail, et l'affecte à MEMBER
Example: @assistant [ CREATE TASK FOR : Ariane Printemps ]
CREATE EVENT FOR : MEMBER Crée un évenement avec titre, contenu et fichiers joints du mail, et l'affecte à MEMBER
Champs disponibles: description de l'event, start date de départ, duration_h la durée en heures
Example: @assistant [ CREATE EVENT FOR : Ariane Printemps, description=rendez-vous pdv, start = 2019-02-05 18:00, duration_h = 1]
CREATE TICKET FROM : EMAIL Crée un ticket de support avec titre, contenu et fichiers joints du mail
Example: @assistant [ CREATE TICKET FROM :]
SEND LOG TO : EMAILS Envoie un compte rendu mail des actions effectuées aux adresses indiquées
Example: @assistant [ SEND LOG TO :, ]
SET FIELD TO : FIELD = VALUE Modifie le champ field_name de l'objet précédent de l'action pour le mettre à la valeur 'value'
Champs disponibles: bill_sheets.title, bill_sheets.subtitle, bill_sheets.add_product
Example: @assistant [ PREV ; SET FIELD TO : title = commande reçue par mail ]

Designation of business objects

OBJECT An object is designated as follows: TYPE (REFERENCE). For invoices, REFERENCE can be 'new'.
Examples: Invoice (F-20140101-300)
Delivery Note (BL2014453)
Purchase (Subscription to Free - June 2014)
MEMBER A member of the application is designated by its name or email.
Jean-Pierre Cossard
EMAILS A list of comma-separated emails


@assistant [ SAVE FILES TO : Facture(new) ; SET FIELD TO : title = Commande mail; SET FIELD TO : subtitle = Urgent ; SET FIELD TO : add_product = PR180000737 ]
This creates a new invoice, set the title and subtitle, and add a product line

And emails without instructions? Your assistant sets them aside for you so you simply have to classify them, transform them into comments or tasks, etc.

Change the behavior of your assistant

You want your assistant to create a contact for each email received. ? That it alerts you every time an email is received. ? Sending a receipt confirmation to the issuer ? Everything is possible.

Go to your account, and in the App Store, install the Mail Assistant.