Install mini-apps to add features you need

More than 200 mini-apps in the store to customize your management. Most apps are free!

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Contacts on events Contacts on events

Assign contacts to your events

Users on events Users on events

Assign users to your events

Workload analysis Workload analysis

Analyse daily, weekly, or monthly workload

Rooms booking Rooms booking

Organize the booking of rooms

Meeting rooms booking Meeting rooms booking

Associate rooms to your events

Tour management Tour management

Organize your tours

Resource management Resource management

Manage your people, tools, rooms

Maintenance contracts Maintenance contracts

Simplify the planning of your maintenance schedules

Matters with budgeting time Matters with budgeting time

Allocate budget times by mission to your affairs

Reservations and scheduling appointments Reservations and scheduling appointments

Publish an agenda for your reservations and taking of reservations

Verification of timesheets Verification of timesheets

Monitor the filling out of your team‘s timesheets

Monitor time per product Monitor time per product

Follow your time per product and product category

Management of consultants time Management of consultants time

Follow the missions of your consultants

Shared agenda Shared agenda

Share the viewing of the agenda with all invitees

Scrumboard Scrumboard

See your team‘s tasks in the blink of an eye

Workload management schedule Workload management schedule

Assign work to your teams depending on their availabilities

Chargeback of time spent Chargeback of time spent

Chargeback your clients for time spent

Event categories and tasks Event categories and tasks

Personalize your event categories and tasks

Google Agenda Google Agenda

Synchronize your Google agendas

Freely install and uninstall the apps

Most apps are free and the number of apps which can be installed depends on your subscription.