Authorize or prohibit actions

Many apps to customize your access in addition to standard authorizations.

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Modify payment schedules for validated invoices Modify payment schedules for validated invoices

Authorize or not the modification of payment schedules for validated invoices

Send sales document by email Send sales document by email

Authorize or not the emission of proposals, invoices etc by email

Visualize types of leaves Visualize types of leaves

Authorize or not the visualization of types of leaves

Use only products in catalog Use only products in catalog

Force users to use only products in catalog in sales documents

Manage payment schedules Manage payment schedules

Authorize the edition of payments schedules

Delete contracts Delete contracts

Authorize the deletion of contracts

Visualize contributions on leads Visualize contributions on leads

Authorize or not the visualization of contribution amounts on leads

Select sales conditions Select sales conditions

Allow selection of sales conditions

Create future invoices Create future invoices

Authorize or not the creation of future invoices

Create payments Create payments

Authorize the creation of payments

Select financial categories Select financial categories

Authorize the selection of financial categories

Create companies Create companies

Authorize the creation of companies or not

Export data Export data

Authorize the export of data

Edit sales managers Edit sales managers

Authorize the edition of sales managers

Access to third-parties conversations Access to third-parties conversations

Authorize or not the access to third-parties conversations

Edit payments Edit payments

Authorize the edition of payments

Select any user group Select any user group

Authorize the selection of any group

Unlock the accounting documents Unlock the accounting documents

Authorize the unlocking of locked items

Produce the inventory Produce the inventory

Authorize stock-taking

Configure the third party default schedule Configure the third party default schedule

Authorize the default configuration of the third party schedule

See all non-budgeted purchases See all non-budgeted purchases

Authorize the complete view of non-budgeted purchases

List the products List the products

Authorize the business list

Invalidate the documents Invalidate the documents

Authorize the invalidation of documents

Select products Select products

Authorize the selection of products or not

Administer the contacts Administer the contacts

Allocate superpowers to the contacts

Administer the business Administer the business

Allocate super-powers over business matters

Create estimate models Create estimate models

Authorize the creation of estimates models

Renew maintenance contracts Renew maintenance contracts

Authorize the renewal of maintenance contracts

Validate timesheets Validate timesheets

Authorize the validation of timesheets

Validate the expense accounts Validate the expense accounts

Authorize the validation of expense accounts

Validate vacation demands Validate vacation demands

Authorize the validation of vacation requests

Reintegrate the serial numbers Reintegrate the serial numbers

Authorize the reintegration in the inventory of the serial numbers removed by error

Create assets Create assets

Authorize the creation of assets or not

Select your affairs Select your affairs

Authorize the business selection

Cancel the timesheets Cancel the timesheets

Authorize the cancellation of timesheets

Cancel expense accounts Cancel expense accounts

Authorize the cancellation of expense accounts

Cancel vacation requests Cancel vacation requests

Authorize the cancellation of vacation requests

Authorize or prohibit actions

All these additional authorization settings are free.