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Sell faster and close more deals with the CRM features

Proposals and invoicing

Send your proposals, invoice your customers, and follow-up with payment and margin calculation


Track your puchases, expenses, and late payments

Cash management

Visualize your cash on hand 12 month ahead. Run different scenarios

Time management

Manage timesheets of your projects, follow the progress, and invoice billable times

Lead management

Manage your leads : signing, planification, margin calculation


Organize your bookings and meetings with a shared online agenda

Marketing campaigns

Organize and analyse your repetitive marketing actions : phone calls, emailings, etc

Marketing automation

Send scenario-based emails and automate tracking of opens and clicks


Provide first class support to your customers with helpdesk and actions tracking

After sale

Track your after sales and repair orders and provide visibility to your customer


Track your inventory with serial numbers and lot numbers

Production management

Launch production of your items and dispatch the work


It's the private social network of your company : wall, photos, comments, etc

Point of sale

Manage your point of sale on the cloud : sell, collect the money, print receipts


Maintain people repository, track vacations, prepare salaries, organize recruitments


Plan intervention of your teams and work in the field. Print the related documents


Manage your distributors and franchisees. Organise information flow and sharing

Extranet and portal

Organize data sharing with your parties : vendors, customers, partners

Business intelligence

Create interactive dashboards to improve your decision-making

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Connect your whole team to the software.

Invite your team, customers and suppliers in your collaborative company.

All gathered on a real-time platform.

Welcome to your real-time company. Reduce the exchange of emails, save time. Open an extranet to transfer or validate documents, and receive payments. Very precisely control the access authorizationsof your guests, open in reading or writing mode.


Mobility without compromise

Access the data of your company on the dedicated mobile version. Available on iOS and Android.

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Compatible with your favorite services

You need a custom product ? Let's talk about it

Don’t hesitate between a off-the-shelf software and custom development, you can have both !

Functional flexibility

Our versatility is unmatched. A store of more than 200 apps to create your management tool. Every week, a new app.

APIs for developers

Develop your business applications and integrate them into the private store of your company.

Custom development

We develop your business applications and integrate them (or not) to the platform. Contact Us

Get ready to save

Your data is stored in France on our private, secure and redundant servers. No server to install, a platform always available, for less than €10/user/month: Do the math, the cost is unbeatable.

More than 150.000 entrepreneurs on our services

Je suis tres satisfait, ca m'a permis de gagner du temp et suivre de pres la gestion de ma societe. Je n'ai plus besoin de me deplacer au bureau pour facturer ou faire un devis, et la meme chose pour mes commerciaux. Je suis tres satisfait de l'equipe d'incwo et de leur reactivite.
Franchement, c'est pas tous les jours que je perds 5 minutes a ecrire un temoignage ! Mais la, ca vient du coeur !
Le bureau virtuel et la gestion autoentrepreneur sont d'excellents services qui m'e sont rapidement devenu indispensable depuis la creation de mon agence de referencement naturel.

Je recommande !
Logiciel dynamique assez simple d'utilisation, paramétrable, un environnement moderne et agréable, des apps (idée magnifique à développer absolument), après avoir testé au moins 10 logiciels, le prix modéré a été déterminant pour mon choix dans ce secteur ou les offres sont pléthoriques.
Jean-valery Bigeaye
Un très bon service dédié aux entrepreneurs novice avec peu d'investissement de départ, vous avez votre boîte à outil innovante pour gérer votre entreprise sereinement et concentrez vous sur votre coeur métier ! je recommande vivement incwo.com parce que les choses sont vraiment faciles !! Essayez le...

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We operate since 2007

We operate the management platform since 2007, taking into account the security and confidentiality of your data, and we guarantee SLAs . More than 5 billion euros managed on our platform